On the floodplains of the Okavango delta, there is great beauty provided by the water that feeds down from Angola cleansing the earth.  To the human eye it is visually appealing.  Large expanses of water encircling islands of green, home and habitat to a vast array of animal and bird life.  Creating a stunning … More Delta

Kite flying!

“Kites rise highest against the wind, not with it.” …..Winston S Churchill Some of us may have childhood memories of flying kites down at the park. Visions of diamond shape sails darting and weaving amongst the clouds. They had the ability to keep us mesmerised for hours. Flying freely on the wind.   “Kite flying … More Kite flying!

That’s Golden!

To improve the golden moment of opportunity, and catch the good that is within our reach, is the great art of life. …….Samuel Johnson His distinct song alerted me to his presence and his beautiful cinnamon feathers, golden to rufous with black streaking kept me engaged as he flitted amongst the tall grasses and sought … More That’s Golden!


Kimberley country, is some of the most spectacular country in Australia. From stunning coastlines and dreamy sunsets, to rugged grandeur of the ancient escarpments, stunning gorges and an abundance of bird life and wildlife that call the Kimberley region home. Take a small float plane out to Talbot Bay and you will find an amazing … More Horizontal


There are times when alone with nature, we find clarity, peace, a sense of calmness.  There are times when we are left spellbound and there are moments that fill us with wonderment.  This White-cheeked Gibbon silently spoke to me, with his bristly whiskers and triangular nose.  There is great beauty in all of nature and these endangered species make … More Whiskers

Mallee country

A harsh heat dwells in the Mallee, at times temperatures sour into the high 40’s.  For the locals this is a reality but for visitors the heat can be a little intense. The burnt orange soil is a wonderful contrast to the endless blue skies, add a little water and it is bursts into life. … More Mallee country

12 Apostles

  What a charming fellow is the Apostle bird.   Living in communal groups of around 12, (hence being named after the 12 Apostles), these are curious fellows, filled with charm and character, they are sure to keep you engaged. We came across this group of ground hoppers grazing for insects and seeds, out in Mallee … More 12 Apostles


The Australian Jabiru is an iconic bird of Northern Australia, also known as the Black-necked Stork. This long-legged beauty, wades through the water with his showy red legs and iridescent long neck in search of food, which includes fish, amphibians, aquatic vertebrates, reptiles and small water birds. We watched as he enjoyed the smorgasboard on the … More Jabiru

Coroboree Billabong

The Mary River Wetlands is a large expanse of water in Northern Australia filled with life.   Whilst large populations of saltwater crocodiles dwell within these wild waterways, there is also an abundance of native bird life. Picturesque landscapes against a backdrop of paperbark swamp with Pandanus lined shores and lotus lilies which filter through from … More Coroboree Billabong

Cotton Tail

“A foraging wild creature, intent above all upon survival, is as strong as grass.” Richard Adams, Watership Down. Not all who wonder are lost. With twitching noses and ears in tune, rabbits are mostly timid.  Instincts learnt from years of being hunted and thought of as a pests,  they have forever fled at the sight … More Cotton Tail

Scarlet Fever

Red is one of the most emotive colours in the spectrum. In nature it is striking, attention seeking and a pure delight.   The words: Love, Passion, Energy, Danger and Excitement spring to mind when I think of red.   So to in nature does this translate into brilliant scarlet hues that excite the senses.  … More Scarlet Fever


  There were a myriad of birds on the lake but one bird in particular caught my eye. The Red-necked Avocet with it’s exquisite delicate up-turned bill. What a beautiful creation.

Gang Gang

Enjoying the track we walked along listening to the lorikeets and cockatoos go about their morning rituals of feeding and squabbling over food rights. Some leaf matter fell in front of us from a large gum overhead.  As we looked up a flash of red caught our eyes, that’s when we spotted a Gang Gang and … More Gang Gang

Blades of Spinifex

Amongst the red soil and spinifex there lies a wonderful world of small critters. Dragons of all sorts dwell in this hot Australian climate, of course they are not the fire-breathing variety but a lovable assortment of lizards that are home in the outback.   How perfect to find this Bearded dragon sunning himself on … More Blades of Spinifex


All bird watchers, twitchers and bird lovers  will be well aware of the great beauty and intrigue of birds.  It is not only their beautiful songs that make us seek them out, but their mannerisms and quirky behaviour that make them unique.  However sometimes snippets of colour catch your eye and it is when you catch … More Splendid