Lake Fagnano

” A fox is a wolf who sends flowers”                                               ……..Ruth Brown My trip through Southern Patagonia, found us stopping at many a beautiful location. Lake Fagnano was no exception, however as we … More Lake Fagnano


Faith is the bird that sings in anticipation of the dawn Although we are in somewhat isolation at the moment we still have the great pleasure of enjoying our local birds in our backyards.    A little glimmer of hope and excitement for the future as we watch them soar into the skies, going about … More Faith

In search of Puma.

Parque Nacional Torres del Paine  is home to the Guanaco, native to South America. Inhabiting the foothills,  steppes, scrublands and mountainous regions of South America, it would be highly unlikely to travel in this region and not see one of these iconic animals.  Much like the antelopes species of Africa, Guanacos live in herds composed … More In search of Puma.

Greys Glacier

Our trek to Greys Glacier started a little soggy.   What started out as constant drizzle, turned a little more deliberate as the sharp rain hit our faces as we headed up the valley. 2  hours into the trek we reached the exposed ridge and viewpoint of  Grey’s Lake, which was a bleak affair due … More Greys Glacier


” Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement Nothing can be done without Hope and Confidence.” …………………………….Helen Keller Right now we need optimism and faith, that brighter days are just around the corner. Be brave, bold and fearless in these uncertain times. Show compassion, patience and understanding. and most of all – Stay Safe

Frances Mirador

Torres Del Paine National Park is a stunning national park, filled with breathtaking views, amazing plant, animal and bird life.  Add to this some pretty amazing hiking and you have a must see destination. The “W-Trek” is just one of the renowned hiking trails. We headed to French Valley, a 20km hike up to Frances … More Frances Mirador

How to impress

Watching birds can be such a rewarding pass time. From the way the fly, feed and nest to their mating rituals.  Always so interesting and enjoyable, admiring their varied shapes and colours. This Bar-shouldered Dove was certainly no exception.  As he propped himself on a suitable branch, to display his charm and character to a … More How to impress

Hope and peace

For the moment we have put the lives that we new on hold, to help reduce risk to humanity.    Even in this time of isolation, together united we can overcome the most testing of times. I often sit and ponder, if the wild places on this earth, now void of travellers have had an … More Hope and peace


Argentina’s Criollo horse breed originated from the Andalusian breed of horse brought to Argentina by the Spanish.  With a broad chest and muscular stature, these horses are sure to impress. Such a handsome horse, proudly ridden by the gaucho’s, who are skilled horseman.  Gauchos’ had a reputation for their hardiness and lawless ways, now the … More Criollo

Monkey Puzzle

“The monkey’s solved the puzzle simply. The joy of the task was its own reward”                                       ………………Daniel H Pink The Monkey puzzle tree, (scientific name: Araucaria araucana), also called Chile pine. So incredibly unique.  This conifer is … More Monkey Puzzle

Knock Knock

“Find your own Rhythm and use your head”   No, this is not a bad knock knock joke. But it was a whole lot of fun. On a recent trip to Patagonia, I had the great privilege of meeting a Magellanic Woodpecker and his beautiful mate.       That wonderful sound of the tapping … More Knock Knock

Windows to the Soul

“Where words are restrained, the eyes often talk a great deal.” – Samuel Richardson.   They say the eyes are the windows to the soul.           We were of no importance to these beautiful Gorillas, their eyes focused on more important items such as food and each other.   Yet we … More Windows to the Soul


“The action of looking thoughtfully at something for a long time” In this hectic world we live in, we all need a moment of quiet contemplation.  A moment to take a deep breathe and be present in the moment. Hiking and being out with nature gives you that ability.  Sitting down to take in the … More Contemplation

King of their Domain

Kingfishers – they are one of my many favourite birds. With keen eyes and precision flying these guys are so much fun to watch as they stalk their dinner.    Waiting patiently before the darting assault on their prey.  Often they can be observed plucking their prey spectacularly as they dive into the water to … More King of their Domain


What a charming bird to watch, is the Grey crowned Babbler. Normally found in groups, sometimes as large as 15 birds, however I am yet to witness that. They have a loud temperament and can be found enthusiastically bobbing and hopping amongst the leaf litter and low branches looking for seeds and insects.   Almost … More Babbler

Feathers and fungus

“Let me be as a feather Strong, with purpose yet light at heart, able to bend And, though I might become frayed able to pull myself together again”          ……… Anita Sams   Getting outdoors provides you with lots of positives.  It clears the mind from clutter of day to day life … More Feathers and fungus


Kapok, bloodwood and paperbarks are just some of the trees that the Varied Lorikeet love to feed on.   High in the canopy we heard their soft chatter and became mesmerised by their eye-catching white around the eye and a beautiful red bonnet, as they feasted on the flowers of this beautiful big Yellow Bloodwood … More Bloodwood