Yellow Fever

Who with thy saffron wings upon my flowers diffuses honey-drops, refreshing showers. ……  William Shakespeare One of the cheeriest colours in the spectrum providing splashes of sunshine that envelop the landscape. Golden colours across the horizon, nature’s treasure a sight to behold. ” Saffron fields and meadows sweet, golden sands beneath my feet. Feathers bright and yellow … More Yellow Fever

Be the One

  One tree can start a forest.  One river quench your thirst. One candle can wipe out the darkness and One footprint connect you to the earth.       One hope can raise your spirits, One hug can show you care. One smile can begin a friendship and one laugh can conquer your fear.     … More Be the One

Re-wild yourself.

Sometimes nature touches our hearts Beauty lies in the wild places where time stands still and nature rules.   A place where, awe and wonder command your attention.  A place of triumph and tragedy. You can lose yourself in the wilderness and I am not referring to getting lost on a track.   Sometimes it is a … More Re-wild yourself.

Kimberley treasures!!

“Driving through the Kimberley region of Australia –  it is dry, it is dusty and the roads are full of corrugations, but this land is full of wonder and great beauty.” So much beauty abounds in this outback location of North-Western Australia, take the time to notice all its beauty and you open up yourself … More Kimberley treasures!!

Summer Breeze

The effervescent sound of  the ocean as it greets the shoreline and filters down into the sand along with the ebb and flow of the tide is almost hypnotic.  The shoreline breeze as it wisps through your hair and the soothing sounds as you leave your footprints on the earth for a brief moment in time, before it is engulfed … More Summer Breeze

Still got the Blues

  Still got the Blues –    A multitude of blues in varying shades and hues, provide a dazzling and iridescent display.   Of course there are the obvious blues, with Brilliant skies and tantalising turquoise waters that shimmer in the sun.     But it is the splashes of colour that dart across the skyline, … More Still got the Blues

Grey Matter

“No cloud is so dark and grey that the sun can not shine through” Grey – it is haunting, magical, silent and beautiful. Grey in nature is filled with texture. Weathered skin, full of wisdom and wonder.   Fluffy dense fur and downy plumage.  Smooth and silky textures of bottlenosed dolphins and river pebbles that have … More Grey Matter

Natures Patterns

Nature provides a mosaic of textures and patterns.  Creating constant wonder and awe. Most people just see a Giraffe, but the patterns on various breeds are so beautiful, each pattern as unique as a fingerprint.  The shapes and patterns simply stunning. Pictured above  the Masai Giraffe and the Reticulated Giraffe, the later is found in the more … More Natures Patterns

Marmot Magic

High on the Talus slopes dwells the Marmot. He sits high upon the rocky scree as look out for danger.  Alarm calls in the form of whistles and trills to warn against predators, such as coyotes, eagles and foxes can be heard.   Marmots are easily seen during the summer months usually around talus slopes … More Marmot Magic