Permission to land

Ok, Ok, I here you say that these birds are not everyone’s favourite.  But they are a crucial part of the eco-system.   Cleaning up carcasses, which intern helps stop the spread of disease. What impressive landing gear these guys have.  All wing and small tail feathers. Certainly not the prettiest of birds, but fascinating … More Permission to land

Spirit of Christmas

May the Spirit of Christmas fill your heart with love. A reminder to nurture what is precious in your life. We only conserve what we love, we only love that which we understand, we only understand what we know, we only know what we are taught. ………………Baba Dioum   Merry Christmas  


“Who will now care for the animals, for they cannot look after themselves? Are there young men and women who are willing to take on this charge? Who will raise their voices, when mine is carried away on the wind, to plead their case?”                       … More Heartbreak

Eagle or Owl ??

“In all things of nature, there is something of the marvellous.” ….Aristotle Verreaux’s Eagle Owl He’s the largest Owl in Africa and 3rd largest in the world. He is easily identified by his pink eyelids. Apparently he is the only owl to have this feature.


“The darkest nights produce the brightest stars” The “Tawny Frogmouth” is a native nocturnal bird of Australia, often mistaken for owls these birds are part of the Nightjar family. The beautiful girl above was equally as interested in me as I was of her. Their camouflage is amazing.  With exquisite feathers that mimic the trees … More “Tawny”

The Beauty of Ruaha

As the sun begins to surface, the magic of  Ruaha National Park in southern Africa is realised.   Giant Baobabs adorn the landscape.  The Silhouettes emphasise the beauty of these engaging trees. There’s a feeling of grandeur in this wilderness. Ruaha National Park – Wild, rugged and untamed. Less traversed than some of the more … More The Beauty of Ruaha

The Social Network

Social Weavers – what complex, beautiful nests they build in large social groups. Now that’s what I call the perfect Social Networking The male diligently, makes the perfect nest that he can.  When he is done he puts his home on display for his mate.  Look out if she does not like it.  Sadly he … More The Social Network

Mothers Love

There is nothing quite like a Mother’s Love   Gentle nurturing that starts at a tender age,  allowing youngsters to find their feet, to learn and to grow.    We watched keenly as these two youngsters played and frolicked.  Stalking grasshoppers and twigs, all the while Mother kept a relaxed but watchful eye.  Constantly grooming … More Mothers Love

In the darkness

“Only in the darkness can you see the stars” ….. Martin Luther King As the sun sets in Africa the day is far from over. Night time in Africa reveals many a hidden gem. For those that live in Africa or have visited this great continent, they will know that the night comes to life.  … More In the darkness

Stieglers Gorge

Today we are headed up the Rufiji River to Stieglers Gorge. The Rufiji River itself is around 600km in length and at some points is a mile wide. We head out at 6am, The Rufiji is breathtaking at this time of morning. Literally hundreds and thousands of Hippos and Crocodiles inhabit these waters. We glide … More Stieglers Gorge


I have been lucky enough to explore some of Africa’s beautiful treasures. For me it has become a yearning of the heart. Is it the vast plains of the Mara or the lush beauty of the Okavango? Could it be the amazing wildlife encounters, that keep me wanting more? Somehow there seems to be a … More Connection

Rules of Engagement

New sights and new smells create curiosity. Curiosity brings about learning. Learning creates growth and understanding. The art of engagement is surely lost on today’s society. We can all take a leaf out of nature’s book. When out in nature, I can literally spend hours / days / weeks / months,  relishing in its beauty … More Rules of Engagement

Last Breath

When you’ve taken your last breath and exhaled it on the breeze I will hear you in the rustling leaves I will see you gently swaying amongst the tall, golden grasses. and I will feel you as the soothing wind ruffles my hair. The warmth of your soul will greet me with the suns early … More Last Breath

The River Horse

“Hippopotamus” The name comes from the ancient Greek, meaning River Horse . They can be cranky and are known as one of the most dangerous African animals. However there is nothing more enjoyable than listening to a pod of hippos as they lay semi submerged in rivers and marshes. French like calls, ear twitching and … More The River Horse