Scarlet Fever

Red is one of the most emotive colours in the spectrum. In nature it is striking, attention seeking and a pure delight.   The words: Love, Passion, Energy, Danger and Excitement spring to mind when I think of red.   So to in nature does this translate into brilliant scarlet hues that excite the senses.  … More Scarlet Fever


  There were a myriad of birds on the lake but one bird in particular caught my eye. The Red-necked Avocet with it’s exquisite delicate up-turned bill. What a beautiful creation.

Gang Gang

Enjoying the track we walked along listening to the lorikeets and cockatoos go about their morning rituals of feeding and squabbling over food rights. Some leaf matter fell in front of us from a large gum overhead.  As we looked up a flash of red caught our eyes, that’s when we spotted a Gang Gang and … More Gang Gang

Blades of Spinifex

Amongst the red soil and spinifex there lies a wonderful world of small critters. Dragons of all sorts dwell in this hot Australian climate, of course they are not the fire-breathing variety but a lovable assortment of lizards that are home in the outback.   How perfect to find this Bearded dragon sunning himself on … More Blades of Spinifex


All bird watchers, twitchers and bird lovers  will be well aware of the great beauty and intrigue of birds.  It is not only their beautiful songs that make us seek them out, but their mannerisms and quirky behaviour that make them unique.  However sometimes snippets of colour catch your eye and it is when you catch … More Splendid

Infinite Beauty

Natures Infinity pool, an oasis in the Kimberly, where heat can soar into the mid 40’s.   Bell Gorge a stunning piece of artwork that nature has created. Seemingly endless in time and space this beauty is infinite.          

Swan Lake

“Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without words and  never stops at all.” …Emily Dickinson The Black swan, elegantly glides along the mirrored surface of the water, she is beautiful with the “S” shape bend of her neck that gives her a regal air.   Her … More Swan Lake

A charmed life!!

” Today I have seen the charm, the beauty, the unfathomable grace of the face that I was looking for.”   Finches generally live in large flocks, these are known as charms.  A stocky little bird with large head and tough beak that is used to break seeds.

Unexpected Pleasure

  It’s the Unexpected pleasures that make hiking so enjoyable.  Getting in touch with nature can provide you with so many feel good moments. Whether you are taking a leisurely stroll, or a more strenuous adventure, the rewards are endless.  It is the little things that can bring some of the greatest joys.  Rustling among … More Unexpected Pleasure

Merry Christmas

Wishing you all a Christmas filled with joy and a New Year filled with Happiness. ” My Christmas wish is that we all learn to appreciate and be inspired by Nature’s Beauty.   To understand its value in our society and to realise that we must do everything possible to ensure that wild places are left undisturbed … More Merry Christmas

Under the Mistletoe – All my Christmas’s have come at once!

The life that flock to Mistletoe- a parasitic plant,  is simply breathtaking.  The red flowers and their sweet nectar a sign for all that treats are awaiting. Christmas is fast approaching. When I think of Christmas, I also think of Mistletoe. Mistletoe is from the family – Loranthaceae , which is an epiphytic, parasitic plant that … More Under the Mistletoe – All my Christmas’s have come at once!

Sea-urchin of the sand

  Beach Spinifex, the sea-urchin of the sand, somersaulting on ocean breezes until it finds a bed of sand to rest upon. Aloof and carefree it’s nomadic lifestyle is enviable.   Providing a rich food source for seed eating birds such as the Double-barred Finch. Nature’s art gallery is abstract, unique, subtle and simply stunning.   … More Sea-urchin of the sand

Mountains that move

Mountains have the ability to move us in unexpected ways. Their majesty and beauty can bring you to tears.  They have the ability to clear your mind and  fill your soul with peace.    When reaching the summit you realise how small we are in the grand scheme of things as you gaze down into the … More Mountains that move

What is the Point!

He’s inquisitive, with snout skyward he sniffs the air. Curious and determined he snuffles his snout into the soft earth.   Relishing in the treasures that it holds.  Foraging around fallen timber he searches for ants, termites, grubs, larvae, and worms.