A charmed life!!

” Today I have seen the charm, the beauty, the unfathomable grace of the face that I was looking for.”   Finches generally live in large flocks, these are known as charms.  A stocky little bird with large head and tough beak that is used to break seeds. Advertisements

Unexpected Pleasure

  It’s the Unexpected pleasures that make hiking so enjoyable.  Getting in touch with nature can provide you with so many feel good moments. Whether you are taking a leisurely stroll, or a more strenuous adventure, the rewards are endless.  It is the little things that can bring some of the greatest joys.  Rustling among … More Unexpected Pleasure

Merry Christmas

Wishing you all a Christmas filled with joy and a New Year filled with Happiness. ” My Christmas wish is that we all learn to appreciate and be inspired by Nature’s Beauty.   To understand its value in our society and to realise that we must do everything possible to ensure that wild places are left undisturbed … More Merry Christmas

Under the Mistletoe – All my Christmas’s have come at once!

The life that flock to Mistletoe- a parasitic plant,  is simply breathtaking.  The red flowers and their sweet nectar a sign for all that treats are awaiting. Christmas is fast approaching. When I think of Christmas, I also think of Mistletoe. Mistletoe is from the family – Loranthaceae , which is an epiphytic, parasitic plant that … More Under the Mistletoe – All my Christmas’s have come at once!

Sea-urchin of the sand

  Beach Spinifex, the sea-urchin of the sand, somersaulting on ocean breezes until it finds a bed of sand to rest upon. Aloof and carefree it’s nomadic lifestyle is enviable.   Providing a rich food source for seed eating birds such as the Double-barred Finch. Nature’s art gallery is abstract, unique, subtle and simply stunning.   … More Sea-urchin of the sand

Mountains that move

Mountains have the ability to move us in unexpected ways. Their majesty and beauty can bring you to tears.  They have the ability to clear your mind and  fill your soul with peace.    When reaching the summit you realise how small we are in the grand scheme of things as you gaze down into the … More Mountains that move

What is the Point!

He’s inquisitive, with snout skyward he sniffs the air. Curious and determined he snuffles his snout into the soft earth.   Relishing in the treasures that it holds.  Foraging around fallen timber he searches for ants, termites, grubs, larvae, and worms.

Mt Buffalo

“Destination is never a place but a new way of seeing things.” ….Henry Miller Imposing granite tors on the plateau create wonderful textures. Once summer starts and lifts the winter thaw the heathlands and meadows come to life, with yellow billy buttons and silver snow daisies and a splash of blue from royal bluebells, this … More Mt Buffalo

The Perfect Catch

The Add read: Qualities and qualifications are as follows: Qualified Architect Qualified Builder A great dancer Lover of fine food Perfectionist Love tinkering around the garden More of a home body Love hidden treasures I keep my house immaculate Who was this perfect catch, I just had to meet him, he sounded irresistible.

On feathered Wings

In the early hours of the morning a songbird announced her presence by her beautiful tune.  Captivated by her song, I longed to see her.  Amongst the branches I found this sweet Rufous Whistler and soon after her mate also made his presence known. ” On feathered wings she took flight into the great unknown. … More On feathered Wings

Yellow Fever

Who with thy saffron wings upon my flowers diffuses honey-drops, refreshing showers. ……  William Shakespeare One of the cheeriest colours in the spectrum providing splashes of sunshine that envelop the landscape. Golden colours across the horizon, nature’s treasure a sight to behold. ” Saffron fields and meadows sweet, golden sands beneath my feet. Feathers bright and yellow … More Yellow Fever

Be the One

  One tree can start a forest.  One river quench your thirst. One candle can wipe out the darkness and One footprint connect you to the earth.       One hope can raise your spirits, One hug can show you care. One smile can begin a friendship and one laugh can conquer your fear.     … More Be the One