Green with Envy

” I came upon a lush clearing through the wooded pine, a patch of grass and delicate flowers where the sun did shine.   The faintest whisper of the wind, and babbling of a brook, brought little critters of the forest to come and have a look. Delicate noses sniffed the air, with eyes wide full of hope, feathered … More Green with Envy

New Life – New Day

A new day is dawning.  A new-born calf is seeing the world for the first time.  Ahead the journey seems impossible.  Through the hardships this little fellow will learn endurance and the incredible love of family.  Instincts and lessons in life will  drive him forward and the undeniable connection that he shares with family, will … More New Life – New Day

Pretty in Pink

“Where a flower blooms, so does life” Pretty in Pink – From Pastel shades to  lipstick pinks and everything in between.  Delicate splashes and vast carpets bring the landscape to life.    Alaskan Fireweed sweeps the hillside.  Flamingos on mass across the Horizon      A single Lotus – triumphant in its glory. ”   … More Pretty in Pink

As White as Snow

” The ebb & flow of life is the movement of constant transitions. Learning to be still is one of them “ White foam gathers at the tide line, the ebb and flow of the earths pull is nature – Inhaling and exhaling. Splashes of white surround us in nature.  From swirling surf to soft pillows of … More As White as Snow

On Hallowed Ground

“It’s humbleness and seclusion offered peace and tranquility.  A privileged time to walk on hallowed ground.      Walking on ancient soil among the long grasses and wildflowers a connection to the earth.  Sacred, beautiful, transcendent.”                                           … More On Hallowed Ground

Enchanted Lady

“To the one who knows how to look and feel, every moment of this free wandering life is an enchantment” —Alexandra David-Neel A rustling among the leaf litter caught my attention. With long twig like dainty legs, she approached.   Sideways hops and head tilting her curiosity was insatiable. Her inquisitive nature a pure delight … More Enchanted Lady

Won’t you be My Honey Bee

Bees – what an important role they play in the pollination of plants. They are nature’s little helpers that tirelessly drift from flower to flower pollinating as they go and providing a vital role to the constant cycle of regrowth. They are nature’s very own gardeners.

Orange Glow

A burnt orange glow burns warmth into the sky. Delicate orange blossom to long leggy Giraffes that display their terracotta hues with such finesse. Rich lichens striking and bold. Terracotta clays rich with life warm the soul of the land whilst the amber eyes of a Cheetah draw you into his trance.   Tigers captivating … More Orange Glow

Musiara Marsh

The Musiara marsh is a stunning location on the Masai Mara, Kenya. Home to some famous Big Cats which have been filmed for BBC  documentaries over the years.   The Big Cat Diary is just one such documentary.  Seeing some of the characters and their home territories such as Paradise Plains and Rhino Ridge a real thrill. … More Musiara Marsh


How many times have I told my Hubby when in a pristine location.  Don’t put any footprints on the ground!!    The last thing you want in a photo is footprints destroying a natural location, pristine and wild,  or do you……………….?

Marooned for a Day

On a tiny coral cay I sit and soak in my surroundings. The sand is cool between my toes.  The sun has not yet broken on the horizon.  There is a sense of stillness and calm.  The hypnotic, soothing sounds of water lap against the purest of  white sand. Soft pastel colours blend with the … More Marooned for a Day

Purple Haze

Purple Haze – Upon the horizon, shades of lavender, mauve and violet,  delicate and soft.   Orchids, Lavendar, Lotus, Bluebells of Scotland. Purple is often associated with creativity.  Purple combines the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red.   It  is  often associated with royalty, luxury, creativity, mystery and peace.  Amethyst hues … More Purple Haze