About Natures Beauty

       Nature is the source of my inspiration for life and love.

Nature is the source of my inspiration for life and love. It is a feeling of contentment and true joy. Nature is the greatest gift we are given with a myriad of colours and moods. Watching the sun set or feeling the warmth of the sun as it kisses the morning. A rainbow appearing, after the gentle rains have given life to a thirsty land. A majestic mountain, and the valley in which you trek to reach the summit. A feeling of accomplishment as you climb the rocky tors. Viewing the valley below and gazing at its splendour. Realising how small and insignificant we are in the grand scheme of life. Seeing a little critter dash across the path, watching him rummage for food and live harmonious with nature. Looking into the eyes of an animal and to see a living being, a friend and feeling the warmth of their soul. Seeing all living creatures in the wild and watching them co-exist with nature in perfect harmony. – there is no greater joy. Nature has the ability to connect with your soul. I have been privileged to encounter some stunning scenery and beautiful wildlife moments that at times has left me breathless.


Shifting sands whispered on the wind. Intricate patterns and forms. A carefree and ever changing creation.



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