Now you see me, now you don’t!!

Jacky Dragon

Now you see me, now you don’t.  The art of camouflage is a necessity for survival in the animal, insects, birds and reptile world.  

Chameleons are certainly one of the masters of disguise changing colour to suit their changing environment.  

Whilst others simply morph into their environment as shown here by this Jacky Dragon.

img_2026Blending into your surroundings allows critters to exist without detection from their hunters. Just imagine how many times you are passing a critter large or small, without even detecting it’s presence!!  

When this little lion cub reveals his head from the cover of long grasses he is easily seen however his body blends perfectly with the long dry grass.

Sometimes we have to use all our senses to feel the presence of something close by.  Sound and smell are also great indicators of nature in our presence.  The crunching on leaf litter, the pungent smell of wet fur. 

We need to re-wild our selves, be more in-tune with our surroundings. enabling us to enjoy everything around us.

 “Only those who truly look will see!”



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