Still got the Blues

Vulturine Guineafowl


Still got the Blues – 


A multitude of blues in varying shades and hues, provide a dazzling and iridescent display.



Of course there are the obvious blues, with Brilliant skies and tantalising turquoise waters that shimmer in the sun.


Superb Fairy Wren


But it is the splashes of colour that dart across the skyline, or play hide and seek among the undergrowth that surprise us with their flash of splendid blue.    

Periwinkle, turquoise and royal blues, iridescent, stunning and delightful.

Blue Damsel Fly – shades of cyan


California Lilac – shades of cornflour blue
Sacred Kingfisher – shades of sapphire blue

Every day I am thankful that – “I still got the Blues”


Shades of blue relax us  – Azure, electric, sky, cornflower, royal, sapphire and cobalt, stunning and glorious. 

Like hypnotic languid water lapping at the shoreline it soothes us.   



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