Only those who look will truly see.

Only those who truly look will see natures pure beauty.

How often do we stumble through life and not really focus on our surroundings.

Hiking brings out the true focus on the intricacies of life.  Constant changes in the weather highlights the terrain differently, from subtle hues and tones to vivid splashes of colours.   The whispering breeze brings focus to the plants and foliage as they gently sway to the rhythm of nature, whilst the calm stillness of the air allows you to detect the slightest movement of a critter or bird as it blends in with its environment.

Alpine heathlands, snowgum woodlands and alpine bogs create a beautiful setting.


All our senses are engaged when hiking, the smells of the foliage, and the calls made by birds and animals engage us.  In nature there is a visual feast for not only the senses but also for our soul.









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