Canis Lupus – Gray Wolf


Mysterious, haunting, spiritual.  

A presence that demands respect. Full of wisdom and wonder.  

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What a beautiful surprise to share the landscape with a Wolf.  The remote Katmai coast is known for its healthy population of Brown bears, but it also has some beautiful wolves that share this same wilderness.

On this occasion he was fishing.  It must not be so hard, for the bears at Katmai can manage, in fact at times he seemed more skillful than his clumsy and cumbersome companions.

This wolf knew that patience was the key.  He seemed so at peace, calmly waiting for the perfect moment.  We sat quietly and reveled in his beauty.

In awe of a moment that seemed surreal.  I was mesmerised by his presence.

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 The lookouts at Wolf Rock, surveyed the area before sending the pups out on possibly one of their first training expeditions.  As we heard their howls we knew it was getting closer to the time that they would reveal themselves from their rock fortress.  Led by one of the adults, into the unknown they followed.  Sniffing new surfaces, bounding over fallen logs and playing at times, these young pups would start to get a feel for life away from the den.

Such a magical moment to share.    Once again I had to pinch myself to realise how special this moment was.

Sadly the wolf receives so much bad press, but it is totally undeserved.

“Never Cry Wolf”- by Farley Mowat is an amazing true story of Life Among the Arctic Wolves and these beautiful animals do deserve respect and love.

There are some animals that roam the earth that command your attention,  the Gray Wolf is such an animal.




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