Nature the greatest high on earth.


Nature – it makes us feel good.

Whether you realise it or not Nature is constantly providing joy to our lives.

Nature is one of the greatest Highs on earth.  Endorphins  are released when we smile, gain warmth from the sun and when we are out walking or doing activities in the great outdoors.  It makes us feel good and we seek it out.


We wake up in the morning to the sound of birds chirping, their sounds lift our spirits, bringing hope to a brand new day.   Their songs melodious , bright and cheery.  We can’t help but delight in their early morning chatter, bringing warmth and a smile to a brand new day.




Watching the unfiltered joy of animals, forces us to smile and brings warmth to our hearts, for example – the enthusiastic wagging of a dog’s tail, as you are greeted at the door.  Or his over zealous enthusiasm as he waits for a ball to be thrown yet again or to venture out on a walk.   Their joy is infectious and it makes us smile.

The mischievous antics of a cheeky monkey or scurrying squirrels, filling their cheeks with nuts.    Their inventive, tactical, manoeuvres, make us marvel at their ingenuity and make us giggle with their fun nature, we can’t help but smile .


Nature has the ability to soothe, enhance and bring joy to our lives:

  • the way that sand feels between our toes
  • the way the sun warms us at first light.
  • the way snow feels when it gently falls on your eyelashes
  • or the way we feel when we gaze at the valley below after conquering an arduous climb to gain a mountain top view.  It feels so incredibly exhilarating.
  • the joy that rainbows provide.
  • waterfalls that spill from the escarpment in a veil of wonder.
  • the smell of rain as it quenches a parched land.
  • riding the rapids, surfing or snorkelling amongst a reef we revel in its glory and it makes us feel so good.


The way we are affected when watching youngsters frolic, play, climb and explore.

Their joy is infectious and it makes us smile.

We need all of this in our lives, we seek it out and cherish its delight, yet too willingly we do little or give no thought to ensuring the preservation of wild, natural places, so that nature can flourish.

Think wisely about the choices you make,  that directly affects nature.

  • say no to palm oil
  • buy ethical products
  • support wildlife and nature causes
  • get out in the great outdoors and learn to appreciate its value and purpose.

We must educate all the importance of living in harmony with all of nature.

Smile and enjoy the greatest gift we are given Nature, for it provides the greatest high on earth!



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