Marmot Magic

High on the Talus slopes dwells the Marmot.

He sits high upon the rocky scree as look out for danger.  Alarm calls in the form of whistles and trills to warn against predators, such as coyotes, eagles and foxes can be heard.


parker ridge 974

Marmots are easily seen during the summer months usually around talus slopes and rock slides, enjoying their glorious home among the lush meadows where wildflowers flourish.  Their luxurious coats are dense and grizzled in colour in shades of greys and browns.   Some marmots remain monogamous, whilst others have a small harem.

This marmot willingly posed for photos as he enjoyed the afternoon sunshine.



marmot heavon 1221 widemarmot heavon 1215

Hiking to the alpine areas in which Marmots live is half the fun of seeing these beautiful creatures in the wild.  Not only do you get to enjoy the company of these cuddly rodents, but you get to share their lounge room for the day.

edith cavell meadows 1114




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