Green with Envy

” I came upon a lush clearing through the wooded pine, a patch of grass and delicate flowers where the sun did shine.   The faintest whisper of the wind, and babbling of a brook, brought little critters of the forest to come and have a look.

Delicate noses sniffed the air, with eyes wide full of hope, feathered friends perched on a branch and for a moment the silence was broke.  So in this place of green delight, a place of life renewed.  I find an inner peace, a life divine, a perfect solitude.”    

…….Kerri Parkes


Green with Envy  –

Shades of Emerald, Jade and Forest Green.  The obvious of course is grass, trees and foliage.  

Cooling, calming and relaxing.  


Emerald Doves, Budgerigars, Bee-eaters and Keas, Palms, Rainforests, Mosses and Spruce.  Green envelops the landscape with its lush qualities.

Graceful Butterflies, curious Praying Mantis and jittery grasshoppers and frogs delight us with their brilliant green snippets of colour.


I am always “Green with Envy” when it comes to nature!

One leaf fell from a tall, tall tree and subtly kissed gnarled roots beneath. One spiraling leaf brought playful mirth to sullen earth of trodden dirt.  It twirled and pranced and floated by, then with a touch it came to lie green in my hand, a dear surprise.

          …..   Rhonda Johnson-Saunders

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