New Life – New Day

722new life

A new day is dawning.  A new-born calf is seeing the world for the first time.  Ahead the journey seems impossible.  Through the hardships this little fellow will learn endurance and the incredible love of family.  Instincts and lessons in life will  drive him forward and the undeniable connection that he shares with family, will help this young calf reach maturity to roam this vast land , known as Africa.  A land full of tradition, triumph and majestic beauty.


Mother’s trunk will never be far, and will be this youngsters guide.  Aunties will help keep a watchful eye, and brothers and sisters will provide play.  Protection and love for this new-born is their top priority.

It will take time to learn the great skill of his limbs, the trunk being the trickiest apparatus to master.  But with practice this youngster will grow and learn.




Little Ellie’s will face some tough battles, but it is the beautiful bond between a youngster and their family and friends that will keep them united.  Encouragement, guidance and love will help them overcome some of the harshest conditions.




“The Elephant never gets tired of carrying his own tusks”

—–   African Proverb


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