Marmot Magic

High on the Talus slopes dwells the Marmot. He sits high upon the rocky scree as look out for danger.  Alarm calls in the form of whistles and trills to warn against predators, such as coyotes, eagles and foxes can be heard.   Marmots are easily seen during the summer months usually around talus slopes … More Marmot Magic

Green with Envy

” I came upon a lush clearing through the wooded pine, a patch of grass and delicate flowers where the sun did shine.   The faintest whisper of the wind, and babbling of a brook, brought little critters of the forest to come and have a look. Delicate noses sniffed the air, with eyes wide full of hope, feathered … More Green with Envy

New Life – New Day

A new day is dawning.  A new-born calf is seeing the world for the first time.  Ahead the journey seems impossible.  Through the hardships this little fellow will learn endurance and the incredible love of family.  Instincts and lessons in life will  drive him forward and the undeniable connection that he shares with family, will … More New Life – New Day