Pretty in Pink

“Where a flower blooms, so does life”


Pretty in Pink –

From Pastel shades to  lipstick pinks and everything in between. 

Sunrise – paints the sky

Delicate splashes and vast carpets bring the landscape to life.   

Alaskan Fireweed sweeps the hillside.

Alaskan Fireweed 012-001.jpg
Alaskan Fireweed

 img_2125Flamingos on mass across the Horizon




 A single Lotus – triumphant in its glory.

”   Just like the lotus, we too have the ability to rise from the mud, bloom from the darkness and radiate into the world.   “ 

Delicate flowers and pretty birds.  Sunsets with pinkish hues.  

The delicate skin of a baby Hippopotamus as he sleeps in peace with his mother.

Shades of Pinks constantly delight us in various shapes and forms. 







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