Muellers Hut

“The best things in life come from living in the moment”

Breathe in life !

I woke up early, excited for today’s walk.  The air is cool against the warmth of my breath. The day has promised beautiful weather with clear skies.  With an icy nose, I am longing for the sun to kiss my cheeks.  The walk in all is a 10.4km return walk.  Not particularly long, but certainly challenging.

The steepness. with a demanding ascent of over 1000 metres in just over 5 kms,  is part of the appeal of this hike, with an added bonus of breathtaking scenery to add to its charm, it is no wonder it is such a hit with fellow hikers.

IMG_0575aCar Park to Sealy Tarn – 1 .10 hours

The first section to Sealy Tarn soon warms me up with 2200 steps at a heart pumping incline.  The views here are stunning.   Looking down into the Hooker Valley and across to the Peaks it takes my breath away.   The tarn provides stunning mirrored images of Mt Sefton.  I am excited for stage 2.

Sealy Tarns to Mueller Hut –  2 hrs

Above Sealy Tarn the route to Mueller’s Hut is just as steep, but rougher with guide poles to guide you up the rocky slope of scree and snow . This is not a maintained track but an alpine route that passes through alpine scrub, herb fields and tussock grass to a large rock field of scree which takes you to the skyline ridge.

img_5011-muellers-hut-track At certain times of the year this becomes a steep snow slope. Once on the ridge you can relax and enjoy the magnificent view of the Mueller Glacier sweeping down the valley past smaller hanging glaciers and the stunning ice shelf on Mount Sefton.img_0038

We watch as a Hang Glider takes a leap of faith, taking in these glorious views from an Eagles perspective.   How glorious it is to be so alive in the moment.

The route from here turns south towards the hut. Follow the orange markers through the basin until you see Mueller Hut – about 20 minutes along the ridge.

At 1800 metres on the Sealy Range, Mueller Hut provides a 360-degree panorama encompassing glaciers, ice cliffs, vertical rock faces and New Zealand’s highest peaks.


The sun is quite hot against our skin, there is not a cloud in the sky, only a faint whisper of a breeze.  The silence is peaceful.

We clamber up a rocky outcrop, put down our packs.  We have uninterrupted 360 degree views of mountain splendour.  We settle down on the smoothest part of the boulder.   Peace and contentment fill our hearts, our smiles are contagious, we have not spoken a word since we placed our packs down, yet we have the strongest connection.

We soak in the beauty, of course I am the first to break the silence –

“I wonder what the rest of the world is doing today?”.

Nature has the greatest ability to relieve you of all the pressures of the world, it is a place of calm, a place of adventure and a place of real beauty.  It is a place to contemplate what is really important in life.

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