As White as Snow

” The ebb & flow of life is the movement of constant transitions. Learning to be still is one of them “


White foam gathers at the tide line, the ebb and flow of the earths pull is nature – Inhaling and exhaling.

Splashes of white surround us in nature.  From swirling surf to soft pillows of fluffy cloud filled skies.  Curtains of white flood down from the escarpment with a thunderous veil of whitewash, whilst the wonder of snow flakes delight as they fall from the heavens.

White provides stunning contrasts.  Brilliant, crisp and refreshing. White is often associated with being pure, fresh and good, hence the expression

“As white as snow” – meaning uncorrupted and honest.



Elegant birds and dainty flowers, snow-clad mountains and a polar bear,

Rolling surf and soft snowflakes, beluga whales and a Snowshoe hare.

White water rapids and the elusive Spirit Bear, providing splashes of white everywhere.


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