On Hallowed Ground

“It’s humbleness and seclusion offered peace and tranquility.  A privileged time to walk on hallowed ground.      Walking on ancient soil among the long grasses and wildflowers a connection to the earth.  Sacred, beautiful, transcendent.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                   – Kerri Parkes

There are certain places on Earth that bring a feeling of peace, awe and wonder.  Almost sacred.   I have been lucky enough to set foot on such a place and that place is called  –

Hallo Bay

Wild and untamed, where beauty abounds.  Lush meadows and wildflowers invite you to delight in its pleasure. 

A majestic eagle in full flight draws your eye skyward to the snow-capped peaks and glaciers that drape down the mountain sides like a luxurious white blanket.

Bears rule in this domain, with a banquet of sedges, salmon filled rivers and beach side clams to feast upon.  Whilst wolves howl at a distant moon, their mystery and majesty is haunting.

Whilst offshore within the confines of the food rich bay, Puffins, Sea Otters and Whales feast on the oceans bounty.


I felt small and insignificant as I looked before me.  The enormity of this beauty, mystery and magic that engulfed me was over whelming.  

I felt brand new, as the Alaskan mountain air mixed with gentle ocean breeze cleansed my mind and body from the clutter of life among civilisation.

How privileged and honoured I was to be among the wild places, where life is nothing short of magical.    

When I set foot at Hallo Bay, I knew immediately that I was walking on Hallowed Ground.


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