Pretty in Pink

“Where a flower blooms, so does life” Pretty in Pink – From Pastel shades to  lipstick pinks and everything in between.  Delicate splashes and vast carpets bring the landscape to life.    Alaskan Fireweed sweeps the hillside.  Flamingos on mass across the Horizon      A single Lotus – triumphant in its glory. ”   … More Pretty in Pink

As White as Snow

” The ebb & flow of life is the movement of constant transitions. Learning to be still is one of them “ White foam gathers at the tide line, the ebb and flow of the earths pull is nature – Inhaling and exhaling. Splashes of white surround us in nature.  From swirling surf to soft pillows of … More As White as Snow

On Hallowed Ground

“It’s humbleness and seclusion offered peace and tranquility.  A privileged time to walk on hallowed ground.      Walking on ancient soil among the long grasses and wildflowers a connection to the earth.  Sacred, beautiful, transcendent.”                                           … More On Hallowed Ground