Enchanted Lady

“To the one who knows how to look and feel, every moment of this free wandering life is an enchantment”

—Alexandra David-Neel

A rustling among the leaf litter caught my attention.

With long twig like dainty legs, she approached.   Sideways hops and head tilting her curiosity was insatiable.

Her inquisitive nature a pure delight among this enchanted Beech Forest.

Soft lemon feathers adorned her breast which faded into delicate greys.  A stronger deeper shade for her head and tail feathers.



A glint of cheekiness lingered in her eyes as she approached without bias or judgement.

south island rboinGPExportPhoto-0002

With friendships made, we shared a moment in the stillness and calm of the forest.

Her warmth was infectious, a connection to life that lives and breathes here.


The South Island Robin, is found only on the South Island of New Zealand, they prefer forests with dense, even, canopies and ground covered with leaf litter.  This beautiful little Robin feeds on invertebrates, such as worms and beetles, which they forage for among the leaf litter on the ground.   In truth this is why they are attracted to anything that moves, for it disturbs the invertebrates that they feed upon.

south island robinGPExportPhoto-0003

None the less, I was enchanted by this beautiful Robin, who bought nothing but joy and happiness to my life, whilst en route to Harris Saddle.

“Sometimes it is the little things in life that bring the greatest Joy.”

Song of the South Island Robin




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