Won’t you be My Honey Bee

beeee-300x300Bees – what an important role they play in the pollination of plants.

They are nature’s little helpers that tirelessly drift from flower to flower pollinating as they go and providing a vital role to the constant cycle of regrowth. They are nature’s very own gardeners.

img_8512So what is Pollination – it is the act of transferring pollen grains from the male anther of a flower to the female stigma.  It is the goal of every living creature to re populate  and plants are no exception.     Pollination then starts the production of seeds.

Without pollination we could not provide crops for human and animal consumption. Gardens and forests would die off, if it wasn’t for the tireless work of the humble bee. Surprising to some people,  bees are not our only pollinators, butterflies also assist with this vital task.



When spring is in full bloom – birds are chirping and bees are humming, take a moment to realise just how important these little guys are as they carry out vital conservation work.

Bees have many talents, another being the production of Honey, both for human consumption and a delicacy enjoyed by many an adventurous creature  brave enough to take on the stings of the bee hive, such as the black bear and chimpanzees.

Bees are also used to help aid in conflicts between humans and elephants.   The Elephants and Bees Project is an innovative study using an in-depth understanding of elephant behaviour to reduce damage from crop-raiding elephants using their instinctive avoidance of African honey bees.      http://www.elephantsandbees.com


Fear not the humble bee, instead be in awe of his hard work and dedication to ensure the regeneration of new plants and crops.     Grow natives in your backyard in a variety of shapes and sizes to attract these special gardeners.






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