Musiara Marsh

The Musiara marsh is a stunning location on the Masai Mara, Kenya.img_4277

Home to some famous Big Cats which have been filmed for BBC  documentaries over the years.   The Big Cat Diary is just one such documentary.  Seeing some of the characters and their home territories such as Paradise Plains and Rhino Ridge a real thrill.

Places such as Leopard Gorge, gaining glimpses of the elusive Chui.

Then there is the delightful Cheetah

The challenges that all these individuals must face on a day to day basis are endless.  It is a life that must not be taken for granted.  Their humble and beautiful lives have transformed mine, seeing life through their eyes changes your perspective on life, love and loss.

The unconditional love that they share, their bonds and devotion, the hardships they endure and through all the twists and turns that life throws at them, they continue to stand tall, undefeated with a primeval desire to succeed and move forward.

I pray for the day that we can learn to live in harmony with all creatures great and small, before it is too late.   The ever changing seasons on the Musiara marsh bring life and hope to each new day.


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