How many times have I told my Hubby when in a pristine location.  Don’t put any footprints on the ground!!    The last thing you want in a photo is footprints destroying a natural location, pristine and wild,  or do you……………….?

Of course I was referring to refraining from leaving human footprints.

Animal footprints are a whole different story.  A sign of life, intrigue and excitement flood my mind when we come across tracks left by the locals.

Turtle tracks – Heron Island


Footprints or pug marks provide a sense of wonder and awe, of how these creatures survive in the elements and live their lives.  This fills my soul with a sense of wonderment.

Soft padded strides in-tune with the earth.  

Purposeful, surefooted, aloof and with stealth precision they imprint on the land.  Leaving an everlasting statement of survival in this at times, harsh world.


Delicate patterns, filled with intrigue and mystery.











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