Catch of the Day

l love how all of nature works together as a team, everything has a flow on effect.

Triumphant and jubilant the bears feast on their spoils. Some have mastered the skill so effectively, whilst others are a little more cumbersome and clumsy. … More Catch of the Day


Orange Glow

A burnt orange glow burns warmth into the sky. Delicate orange blossom to long leggy Giraffes that display their terracotta hues with such finesse. Rich lichens striking and bold. Terracotta clays rich with life warm the soul of the land whilst the amber eyes of a Cheetah draw you into his trance.   Tigers captivating … More Orange Glow

Musiara Marsh

The Musiara marsh is a stunning location on the Masai Mara, Kenya. Home to some famous Big Cats which have been filmed for BBC  documentaries over the years.   The Big Cat Diary is just one such documentary.  Seeing some of the characters and their home territories such as Paradise Plains and Rhino Ridge a real thrill. … More Musiara Marsh


How many times have I told my Hubby when in a pristine location.  Don’t put any footprints on the ground!!    The last thing you want in a photo is footprints destroying a natural location, pristine and wild,  or do you……………….?