Marooned for a Day

On a tiny coral cay I sit and soak in my surroundings.


The sand is cool between my toes.  The sun has not yet broken on the horizon.  There is a sense of stillness and calm.  The hypnotic, soothing sounds of water lap against the purest of  white sand.

Soft pastel colours blend with the gentle ocean breeze and fill my head with a sense of calm, clearing away the clutter of every day life .

I make my way to the point  where I can see that a brilliant ball of fire is attempting to bring warmth to a brand new day.  The colours of the sky enrich before the sun has fully emerged.  Finally she has broken through and in the harsh rays of sunlight signify a brand new day.


The air is still cool and I continue to survey my surroundings.  A sea eagle and his mate out surveying  overhead, wondering who is this intruder upon their coastal paradise.  Amongst the sand embankments I spy a beautiful Loggerhead turtle that is returning to the ocean
after laying her clutch of eggs.  She is slow and methodical in her movements, it is the very same place that she too was born.  I feel as though I want to lift her up and carry her to the water’s edge.  She looks awkward and cumbersome, yet this is her way of life and for this beautiful turtle it is the natural order, so often interfered with by man.

A shady Melaleuca catches my eye with her branches gently swaying in the sea breeze. Amongst the fine needle-like leaves, sits a perfectly formed Kingfisher.  I fondly named him Kelvin.  I watched him patiently watch and wait for small silver fishes in the shallows.  A delicious meal for any Kingfisher, especially Kelvin.  I feel as though my day is complete watching nature unfold before my eyes.  Yet it is only 7.30am.

This tiny island is breathing life into all that it touches.  I too feel more alive than ever and feel privileged to be a witness to this breath of Life!

Sea birds are starting to gather along the shoreline.  Pied oyster catchers, crested terns, gulls and Herons.  Tasty morsels dwell within the moist sand and I believe there is a smorgasboard on offer.

By the time noon arrives, the tide has ebbed and flowed.  The reef upon this tiny coral cay has been exposed, providing glimpses of an underworld paradise.  Giant clams, epaulette sharks, hermit crabs, starfish and a multitude of corals and fishes.   The sun rays are harsh and the refreshing water is just what I needed.   The brilliant blue sky against the aquamarine water ,  white sand and lush green Pisonia forest is a feast for the eyes.  A Stunning location, paradise found.

Rays are splashing in the water as the tide is turning.  Lemon sharks and black-tipped reef sharks frequent the shallows.   Every now and then I see a bobbing head of a turtle as he glides along the shoreline.

The sun is starting to lower in the sky, the heat is still intense, soon the light will turn into a beautiful glow.   Noddy’s  on the wing gather along the skyline, ready to return to their nesting sites.  A rare sight of a Frigate nesting in a tree branch, how extraordinary.  Buff banded rails wrestling in the leaf litter.   A brilliant orange ball sets fire on the horizon, this brings a warmth to my soul.

Mutton birds are sending out their chilling night calls as they make their way to their burrows.

The sky is black, the stars are brilliantly shining, the gentle cool  breeze and lapping of water against the shoreline gently rocks me to sleep.  In my slumber I dream of being “Marooned for  a Day” – how lucky would I be ……………..



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