Ageless Beauty and Grace



These heartfelt words are by George Adamson, a true hero in the world of conservation.

“One evening we came upon a magnificent lioness on a rock, gazing out across the plains.  She was sculptured by the setting sun, as though she were part of the granite on which she lay.  I wondered how many lions had lain on the self-same rock during countless centuries while the human race was still in its cradle.  It was a thought which made me reflect that although civilised man has spent untold treasure on preserving ancient buildings and works of art fashioned by the hand of man, yet he destroys these creatures which typify the perfection of ageless beauty and grace.  And he does so for no better reason than to boast of a prowess achieved by means of a weapon designed by man to destroy man.”

To see these beautiful creatures in the wild, is such a privilege.  To think that man has such little regard for life is appalling.

We must stand up for those who don’t have a human voice.  Lions are the true essence of Africa, their commitment to family and loved ones is commendable.  They are a symbol of strength, courage and determination in a world full of conflict.

We must change our ways before it is too late.

Tony Fitzjohn – Wildlifenow

Let Lions Live

Bornfree Foundation


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