Nature’ s Beauty

Nature’s Beauty is a mosaic of textures and patterns.  A tapestry of colours shapes and forms.  It lives and breathes within forests, rivers, mountains deserts and oceans.

It co-exists in perfect harmony.

It is whispered on a gentle breeze, it moves among the rustling of leaves. It howls at a distant moon and is mirrored upon a glistening lake.

It hides within the dappled light, and shines brightly on the scorching sand.  It has the ability to quench a parched land with its rain.  To bring warmth to a frost covered tundra as it breaks the horizon with its orange glow.

It roars on the ocean as waves crash upon the rocks and it soars high into the heavens on feathered wings.  It sings whilst perched high in a tree and rumbles whilst in awe of its presence.

We gaze upon its beauty, we breathe in its existence.  We enjoy being apart of it and we are in awe of its wonder.


Nature – is the very existence of life, precious and pure, untainted by human interference.  It has the ability to bring joy and serenity to a chaotic world.   It is divine peace.



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