Nature’ s Beauty

Nature’s Beauty is a mosaic of textures and patterns.  A tapestry of colours shapes and forms.  It lives and breathes within forests, rivers, mountains deserts and oceans. It co-exists in perfect harmony. It is whispered on a gentle breeze, it moves among the rustling of leaves. It howls at a distant moon and is mirrored … More Nature’ s Beauty

My Christmas wish.

My Christmas wish is simple – Cherish Nature and all that it provides.  May all living creatures great and small,  be born free and live free as nature intended.   We must learn to live in harmony with the creatures of the earth to ensure their survival in this at times harsh world.   Set … More My Christmas wish.

Dream Weaver

The African landscape is varied and beautiful with every intricate detail adding awe and wonder to this magical land. White Browed Sparrow Weavers make exquisite nests.  Their beautiful creations adorn Acacia Trees.  Like Christmas balls hanging from a tree it is a familiar sight in the semi arid Samburu region of northern Kenya. Their intricate … More Dream Weaver

Dolphin Song

The Captain had given me permission to go to the bow of the boat to observe the Bottle-nosed Dolphins that had become curious by the presence of our boat. I jumped at the opportunity, however I became overwhelmed, they were close enough to touch and when I heard them communicate, it was beautiful and almost … More Dolphin Song