The Cradle of life


Cradle Mountain a land of rugged beauty.
A wilderness landscape with ancient forests, alpine heathland, button grass and stands of colourful deciduous beech, (known as fagus), waterfalls, still water and glacial lakes all add to the beauty.

We started from Ronny’s Creek, leaving at 7am it was a crisp clear morning.    This is the
start of the overland track stretching 65 kms across vast wilderness to Lake St. Clair.  For us today we are venturing to the peak of Cradle Mountain.

The overland track takes you past Crater Falls and through a magical forest filled with Pandani and Sassafras trees, further on you discover  a hidden glacial lake, known as Crater lake surrounded by 200 metre cliffs covered with fagus.


A steep section, leads you to Marion’s Lookout at 1223m provides beautiful views down to Dove Lake and across to Cradle Mountain.  This is a popular day walk for many visitors to the region.  However venture further and you will discover a stunning  plateau.

The plateau reveals a vast surreal landscape of cushion plants, tarns, alpine daisies, pineapple grass and breathtaking beauty.  This environment is fragile and must be treated with respect to ensure its longevity.  The views to Barns Bluff on a clear day are spectacular.

The summit of Cradle Mountain at 1545 m is majestic.  The return trip from Kitchen hut is around 1.5 – 2 hrs hours The views to the plateau below exhilarating.

Jagged dolerite peaks dominate the area making the route to the summit challenging at times, with a lot of scrambling over huge boulders.  Short legs can prove troublesome!!

At the peak the weather can change in an instant, so be prepared for all conditions.

We arrived back at Ronny’s creek around 2pm.  A fantastic day out walking.  This is certainly one to add to the top day walks list.


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