Long Distance Trunk Call

Elephants communicate in numerous ways.  These highly social mammals have well developed communication skills of both verbal and non verbal methods to convey messages.

To hear an elephant rumbling in the wild is the most amazing experience, one you can never forget.  The deep resonating sound almost vibrates through the ground.  It is the most thrilling sound on the African landscape, almost haunting and entrancing. It is hard to put into words.  In some ways it is more of a presence than a sound.  For me it is emotional and humbling being in the presence of such a magnificent animal as the Elephant.

Elephant Rumble

They can send their messages through trumpeting at various frequencies depending on who they wish to contact. It is common for them to generate sounds that can be heard for several miles.

Sniffing the air

Watching how they interact and how they communicate while in the wild is an unbelievable experience.  They are extremely tactile creatures and have incredible strong bonds.

Flared ears

When they choose to execute their verbal forms of communication there is no denying them. They have very loud trumpeting sounds that can be used to signify excitement, aggression, as well as danger. Elephants use their ears to display, signal or warn when alarmed or angry.



Tactile communication

Elephants are very social, frequently touching and caressing one another and entwining their trunks.  The trunk of the African elephant has two finger-like structures at its tip.  When they meet at watering holes and feeding places, they greet each other affectionately.  It is not unlike how humans hug one another.




IMG_2729The young learn the call of their mothers from a very early age. She will give a variety of sounds to encourage her young, to scold, and to get them to keep moving along with the rest of the herd. Some people assume that all of the elephants verbal communication is very loud. While it can be, they also use grunts and growls that are extremely low to communicate as well.

Elephants are very in tune with their environment, they are highly evolved communicators.  The live their lives in the here and now.

Very different to the human species who spends many an hour hunchbacked over a mobile phone,  while the world is passing them by.  Losing the art of communication and not being present in life.

Give me a long distance trunk call any day, as it is filled with compassion, concern, love and respect.




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