Parker Ridge



The Icefield Parkway, what a beautiful stretch of road, in an extremely stunning location. Along this road there are some spectacular sights to be seen, one of them that stands out for me is Parkers Ridge.     Once atop the backbone of Parker Ridge you will see the longest glacier in the Canadian Rockies – the Saskatchewan Glacier, also the headwaters of the Saskatchewan River.

For me it was a “Sound of Music” moment – “The hills are alive ………..”.


The exposed crest of Parker Ridge is a windswept land of rock, snow and treeless tundra.  The beauty takes your breath away, with dramatic contrasts of delicate tiny alpine flowers and sweeping vistas of the magnificent icefield.  Marmots sit like sentries upon the rocky ridges, as you make your short but steep hike up the ridge.

Not only does the view take your breath away, so too does the icy air streaming from the glacier.  Exhilarating for the soul with breathtaking 360° views.  The return trip is 5 km’s with a 250 metres (820 feet) elevation gain.

In my opinion a – ” must do” walk in this stunning region.


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