Dance of the Wildebeest

How beautiful is the dance of the Wildebeest, like rain falling from the sky, bleeding down into the valley.

The ever surging need to follow the rains, that promises plenty of feed on the Serengeti and the Masai Mara.    Once witnessing a Wildebeest crossing it is an unforgettable sight.

IMG_1053 The indecision and procrastination that ensues the very moment that a crossing will be made, at times is a game of patience.  Grunts, groans and snorts can be heard, there is IMG_1931jostling for front position, but they are nervous.  A brave leader will surge to the front, others blindly follow, but something is stopping the leader from crossing.   Is it a gut feeling, memories of previous crossing, when so many lives were lost.  It is hard to know for sure what causes this indecision.   This uncertainty can carry on for hours.  At times you think they are ready to take the plunge and after hours of anticipation, one Wildebeest heads away from the crossing and before you know it, the cliff edge is left void of all creatures, the risk was too high, the time was not right.  But they will cross as it is their destiny to follow the rains.


Change is on the wind, as  a brave soldier has stepped forward this time they run the gauntlet. The mood is intense, thundering hooves, chaos, surging forward they plunge into the river.  They now have a goal, they must reach the other side………

IMG_1030Not all the Wildebeest get to tell their story, there are sometimes casualties.  Some fall prey to the Nile Crocodile that lurk in the waters, some are trampled in the chaos, causing broken legs and sometimes death.  Whilst young calves are sometimes separated from their parents in the confusion.   These sights are hard to watch but all part of the cycle of life.

The Wildebeest will continue on their eternal march to follow the rains and the feed that flourishes on the plains.  New life will be born and they will inherit their parents drive and determination to follow the rains of the Serengeti and Masai Mara.  

“How beautiful is the dance of the Wildebeest, like falling rain from the sky,  bleeding down into the valley.”






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