What a Fungi!

Amongst the Boreal forest we walked.   An enchanting place was this, with filtered sunlight falling upon the track.  The undergrowth awash with sphagnum moss.   The air was still, my breath leaving a trail as we soaked in the sights and the smells of this silent forest.  It was a place you could lose your thoughts.045

Taiga also known as Boreal forest is dominated by coniferous white and black spruce, woven together with deciduous birch, larches and aspen trees.  There are thickets of willows, meadows and  bogs.  It is a landscape filled with lakes, rivers and creeks.  It is a place where you might encounter brown or black bear, moose, caribou, beaver or even the elusive lynx or wolf.

Around the corner we got a glimpse of something small in the undergrowth.  To our delight it was “Mushroom”.  A charming little character,  nestled amongst the mosses and enjoying his favourite delicacy.  Mushroom was a Red Squirrel, with large focused eyes and tiny paws in which he held a large half eaten mushroom.  We watched with great pleasure as he carefully nibbled upon its fleshy substance.  Savouring every mouthful.


“Mushroom” – Enjoying delicacies of the forest.



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