Parker Ridge

    The Icefield Parkway, what a beautiful stretch of road, in an extremely stunning location. Along this road there are some spectacular sights to be seen, one of them that stands out for me is Parkers Ridge.     Once atop the backbone of Parker Ridge you will see the longest glacier in the … More Parker Ridge

Dance of the Wildebeest

How beautiful is the dance of the Wildebeest, like rain falling from the sky, bleeding down into the valley. The ever surging need to follow the rains, that promises plenty of feed on the Serengeti and the Masai Mara.    Once witnessing a Wildebeest crossing it is an unforgettable sight.  

What a Fungi!

Amongst the Boreal forest we walked.   An enchanting place was this, with filtered sunlight falling upon the track.  The undergrowth awash with sphagnum moss.   The air was still, my breath leaving a trail as we soaked in the sights and the smells of this silent forest.  It was a place you could lose your … More What a Fungi!

The Painted Dog

Out in the Linyati region of Botswana, we were tracking Leopard.  We had found the pug marks¹ of a leopard, but could not quite find exactly where she had slinked away into the thicket.  Our minds were on a Leopard sighting when as quick as a flash, whoosh!!   What was that?