The Road Untraveled

Always make the most of every day, for we never know what is waiting around the corner. Look for the good in every situation and live your life to the fullest.  Let the simple things in life fill your heart with joy. Love and happiness are the key to a peaceful soul.   Advertisements

Chobe River

Set on the banks of the magnificent Chobe River, the Chobe Game Lodge is a stunning location to see some of the largest herds of Elephants. The boardwalk provides an amazing place to view the ever changing wildlife that are drawn to the floodplains and river.  From this decking you can sit for hours and … More Chobe River

Life Lessons

A twitching of the ear or a flick of a tail, may be all you see in the distance but a closer inspection reveals family life.  Where Mothers, Aunts and siblings unite to form strong family bonds.   This is where lion cubs learn valuable life lessons.

Sealy Tarn

The sky was brilliant blue, ahead lay a 3 hour return walk, which provided us with a great overview to alpine hiking in this glorious location. Sealy tarn¹ is a small flat area on the Mueller Ridge, accessible from the Hooker Valley and Mt Cook Village via 2200 steps.   Although quite a sharp accent, … More Sealy Tarn