She graced us with her presence, demure and elegant as she positioned herself upon the termite mound.  With long fluid legs she roamed the savannah, whilst her piercing amber eyes surveyed the horizon.


IMG_2756cheetahbw-001.jpgThis beautiful Cheetah was timid, shy and forever watchful.  She is a mother and her cubs were nervous.  Their long tufted manes helped to camouflage them amongst the tall grasses.   Under cover of a thicket, mother had caught a young Thompson Gazelle, which she was encouraging her young to feed upon. Like all youngsters they didn’t want to eat their dinner, for they were young and it was time to play.   Three little mischief makers scampered, darted and tumbled amongst the undergrowth, whilst Mother tried to regain some order.  At times she would place the limp gazelle at their feet prompting them to nibble.  This would excite them even more and send them into a frenzy of  more hide and seek.   We giggled as we watched their adorable antics.

To see this young family out in this vast wilderness was such a privilege.  When we left this beautiful family to give them some privacy, tears rolled down my cheeks.    It was hard to fathom what we had just witnessed.  Such a precious moment in time.  Their young lives had just begun.  They will face hardship, triumph and tragedy.  Whilst their mother will do the very best she can to ensure the survival of her young family.

“Adopt the pace of nature,  her secret is patience.” ….Ralph Waldo Emerson

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