Mr Prickle Pants

IMG_7361I watched his tiny paws as he waddled past us, he had just been transfixed with my husbands toes!!  

We had been watching this little fellow as he went about his business.   We had come upon him not far off the track.  So we sat down so as to not startle him.   With stumpy little legs he slowly inched his way forward, unphased by our presence he went about his daily chores and favourite pastime, eating termites.  He used his little front paws for scratching the surface, then he would snuffle his snout in among the rocks and soil, then use his sticky tongue to collect his favourite delicacy.   You could hear the slurping sound of his tongue as it foraged for food.  He was in Echidna heaven.  His back feet are unusual and point backwards, this helps them to push soil away when they are burrowing.  He also had a short and stubby tail.

We had spent about 45 minutes fascinated with his daily routine, so we thought we should give him some privacy.  As we quietly got up to move away, he turned 241towards us, we stayed perfectly still so as to not scare him and to our disbelief he waddled right up to us. His little face so gentle and sweet, his tiny eyes had his sights set on my husbands toes, for him this was an exciting encounter.  They have a keen sense of smell, need I say no more!!

IMG_7349His little snout and tongue investigated the nooks and cranny of each toe, ticklish and slightly moist, we both had to contain our laughter and keep very still.   Incredibly the tickle torture, lasted  for about 7 minutes before he lost interest.  He promptly turned around and waddled off to the next patch of rocky ground.


We were reluctant to leave our new found friend, we aptly named him “Mr Prickle Pants”. This encounter had made our day, a beautiful moment in time shared with a very special friend.







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