She graced us with her presence, demure and elegant as she positioned herself upon the termite mound.  With long fluid legs she roamed the savannah, whilst her piercing amber eyes surveyed the horizon.   This beautiful Cheetah was timid, shy and forever watchful.  She is a mother and her cubs were nervous.  Their long tufted … More Elegance

Flying Banana’s

Wow!  did you see that!!    My first quick glimpse of a Hornbill as we drove down the main street at Victoria Falls.  My heart sank, thinking that this would be my one and only chance of seeing a Hornbill and here I was stuck on a courtesy bus travelling from our accommodation to the … More Flying Banana’s

Dazzling Display

My eyes were transfixed as this superb form stood before me.  No animal has a more distinctive coat than the Zebra.  His dazzling  display of impressive stripes, simply mesmerizing.  Every individuals stripes are as unique as fingerprints, no two are exactly alike. We see the Zebras along the plains, moving in herds, their society is … More Dazzling Display

True Reflections

“Only in still waters can we gain clarity and see our true reflection.”           K. Parkes I walked to the water’s edge and gazed deep into its depths, I felt peace and tranquility fill my soul as the depths of the waters revealed its image.  How lucky to gaze upon this … More True Reflections

Mr Prickle Pants

I watched his tiny paws as he waddled past us, he had just been transfixed with my husbands toes!!   We had been watching this little fellow as he went about his business.   We had come upon him not far off the track.  So we sat down so as to not startle him.   … More Mr Prickle Pants