The Good the Bad and the Ugly

Hyena cubs at their den.

Love them or hate them,  Hyena are a vital part of the African Landscape.  Sadly the Hyena gets bad press.  Is it their stance?  or is it their whoops, giggles and groans?  


Interesting facts:

  • They are not just scavengers, they are skillful hunters.
  • Unique to Hyenas are their amazing bone-crushing teeth.
  • Their droppings are white due to the high bone content that they consume.

IMG_4175aaaThe Good: a vital role in cleaning up carcasses, stopping the spread of disease.

The Bad: are known for taking the hard earned prey from their competitors. IMG_2814 the good the bad and the ugly

The Ugly: generally I have lovely photos of Hyenas but this particular Hyena found on the plains of Amboseli was just not the most attractive.

Despite what people think, I will continue to love to see them on the open Savannah. IMG_8758Enjoy their interactions with the young pups at their dens.  To see them roaming across the open savannah, with their awkward body shape and stance.

The thrill of hearing their haunting whooping calls of the night and the sounds of cackling and squealing whilst on the hunt.  

They are a vital and beautiful part of Africa, not always attractive, but certainly intriguing to observe.  




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