Day of the Jackal

IMG_1716These plucky little characters are full of cunning and sly.  Fearless, opportunists and highly skilled at a snatch and grab affair, leaving unsuspecting targets in a hopeless state.


The allure of a kill is just too much for these little fellows, who will make a quick dash for the chance of some tasty morsel.   They are fearless and persistent.


One of the most common sights, is the collaboration between jackals at the sight of a new-born gazelle.  On this occasion the unsuspecting Grants Gazelle mother was caught off guard, when 2 jackals, ( a mating pair) found her new born, lying on the ground.  As quick as a flash, the pair pounced on the new born, whilst in the jaws of one of the Jackals the partner fought of the attention of the mother, whose intent was to protect her young.  The Jackals were tenacious in their assault, aggressive to the mother of the calf that was losing it’s battle to live.

A hopeless situation for the Grants Gazelle, and heartbreaking to witness the stress that this mother was going through.    It is a hard life in the bush, it is certainly a case of survival of the fittest and making the most of every opportunity.  All creatures must eat to live.  The Jackal family on this occasion would be able to feed their family.  The Grants Gazelle would mourn her loss.  In time this mother will again produce offspring that will,  with a bit of luck,  make it through to adulthood.  Today it was a day of the Jackal.

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