Ewasyo Nyiro River

Doum Palms line the river, and we are excited to see the life that masses here on the Ewasyo Nyiro River.  We have made our way to the semi desert location of Samburu National Reserve.  The Samburu name for the Ewasyo Nyiro River is brown or muddy water, unfortunately the river is bone dry.  When … More Ewasyo Nyiro River

Hooker Valley

  The Hooker Valley Track is a beautiful walk, 3 hours return, providing beautiful views of valleys, glaciers and wild flowers. It is no wonder it is one of the most popular walks in the park. The track leads up the Hooker valley towards Aoraki/Mount Cook. It passes close to the Alpine Memorial and Freda’s Rock … More Hooker Valley

Day of the Jackal

These plucky little characters are full of cunning and sly.  Fearless, opportunists and highly skilled at a snatch and grab affair, leaving unsuspecting targets in a hopeless state.