Wombat Flats

IMG_7862He walked with a quiet confidence, this was his home range and he knew it well.  Sedges and button grass carpeted the landscape.

This fluffy little Wombat browsed right up next to us. What an endearing little fellow with fluffy ears, a rounded nose and solid, squat little body.  He looked like a little stumpy boulder with thick coarse brownish – grey fur on stumpy legs.  Peaceful and content he continued to munch away on native grasses and moss.  

 What a prime piece of wilderness he owned, with million dollar views of  Cradle Mountain and surrounds.

Late in the afternoon after hiking some of the beautiful trails in the area, we would spend time  with these beautiful creatures.  They would venture out from the safety of their burrows and begin to browse and fill their bellies.  Peacefully they went about their daily routine whilst letting us enjoy being apart of their world.

An interesting fact about wombats is the shape of their scat¹.  For those of you who love to know what wildlife is in the area, their scat is shaped like cubes.

Boardwalk at Ronnie’s Creek – Cradle Mountain National Park

¹scat – droppings identification for animals.


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