Precious Moments


It was mid-morning, the cloud was high and down by the river, the salmon run was on so we knew we may see a bear or two. I caught a glimpse in the corner of my eye and became transfixed on the sight that was before me.  Out of the lush undergrowth sauntered a beautiful Mother, behind her 2 beautiful marshmallow cubs, long fluffy coats with cream collars, they followed Mum’s every move.  At around 1 year old they were healthy young cubs.  

We were so focused on the healthy young cubs that we failed to see some distance back, “the little runt”, who was almost half the size of his siblings.  Tears streamed down my face, the beauty and reality of just how precious life is. This “little runt” brought to surface emotions of joy, elation and fear for his fragile life and a warmth that comes from the will to live.  The “little runt” was the most precious sighting you could ever imagine.  It was such a warm and beautiful moment shared with this very beautiful family.   His mother made her way into the river amongst the rocks, for fish was on the menu.  His two siblings followed in hot pursuit and cuddled up together around some rocks and debris to watch and learn from Mum as she attempted to catch dinner.  Gingerly, “little runt”made his way through the shallows of the river and then clambered up on to a rock where he nervously held on.

It was one of those beautiful moments in time, where I was given the opportunity to get a glimpse into the very personal lives of these beautiful animals.  A precious moment in time, reinforcing how precious life is.




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