Wombat Flats

He walked with a quiet confidence, this was his home range and he knew it well.  Sedges and button grass carpeted the landscape. This fluffy little Wombat browsed right up next to us. What an endearing little fellow with fluffy ears, a rounded nose and solid, squat little body.  He looked like a little stumpy … More Wombat Flats

Precious Moments

  It was mid-morning, the cloud was high and down by the river, the salmon run was on so we knew we may see a bear or two. I caught a glimpse in the corner of my eye and became transfixed on the sight that was before me.  Out of the lush undergrowth sauntered a beautiful Mother, … More Precious Moments


  Nitmiluk National Park got its name from the Aboriginal Dreamtime story about Nabilil, a creation being.  Nabilil was travelling across the land and camped at the entrance of Katherine Gorge and all he could hear was the song of the cicadas, “nit nit nit nit”.  Nabilil was compelled to name the area Nitmiluk. We … More Nitmiluk

My first time

I received my 5.30 am wake up call, but I have to confess I had been awake since 4 am.  Lets be honest, who can sleep when there is so much excitement in the air, when outside the world has already awoken.  I quickly freshened up and grabbed my things as I rushed out the … More My first time