The Frenchmen of Africa

Have you ever sat by the river, watching a pod of Hippo as they wallow in the water?

Whilst enjoying a leisurely breakfast by the banks of the Mara River, we were mesmerised by the large pods of  Hippopotamus that congregated both on land and in the cool,  refreshing waters of the river.    Snorts and grunts can be heard.  Heads disappearing and reappearing usually within about 2 minutes creating a symphony of large exhales and snorts from hippos that have breached the surface for fresh air.  Sounds that I liken to Frenchman chuckling “ohohoh”.

Familiar sounds of Hippos:

Hippo Pools have become my favourite place for a refreshment stop.   Their sounds always a delight to hear, a place to soak in the serenity and the beauty. 

A vision of  large boulders that could be used as stepping-stones to cross the river, not a wise choice!! as these guys a very territorial.



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