I am the wind, let me fly free

IMG_2442kelvin large
“I am the wind let me fly free.”


The sun has risen and it warms my cheeks as the bush telegraph comes to life with chatter. 


Songs of intrigue and enchantment, delight. Songbirds flit from branch to branch their song is sweet and melodic.    A symphony is rehearsing in the background, with tenors, chirps and chortles.  A showy duet is performing on a low branch, their harmonies are flawless, a standing ovation is in order.

A solo performance, with a heartfelt cry beckons an echoed response, whilst a squadron of elite aviators, dart past in perfect formation, their showy plumage catches my eye.

A flock of birds squawk and screech, in hot pursuit of a wild cat.  His cover has been blown and they alert all to his presence.

In the distance a woodpecker performs an impressive drum solo, echoed on the breeze.

No matter which of my feathered friends is singing my favourite song, they all seem to say to me:

–   “I am the wind, let me fly free”.

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Below are some sounds that fill the air.






Lilac Breasted Roller  





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