Eyes of the Leopard

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For a moment in time, I lived and breathed Life!  Through the eyes of the leopard I witnessed great joy.

I remember the exact moment when my love affair started with Leopards, we had just left camp and along our track we caught a glimpse of a male and female leopard in the throes of passion, albeit, it was a couple of seconds and it ended with some snarling and aggression.    When the couple had finished their intimate moment the female darted off ahead.  The male sauntered along the track, with soft padded strides he seemed confident and relaxed.  He then paused and turned in our direction, curious as to our fascination with his exquisite physique and beautiful rosette markings, which are as unique as our fingerprints.  It was when his eyes seemed to look into mine that I became entranced in his very existence, at that moment I became lost to another time.


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