Salty Dust

In summer, devil winds whip up along the open plains forming miniature tornado’s across the skyline.  Mt Kilimanjaro teases us with hazy glimpses of her majesty.

We have come to Amboseli National Park to see the incredible elephants that live here, although it is a relatively small National Park, measuring 392kms, Amboseli is bone dry and desolate, yet bursting with life.

IMG_8943ellieOver 150 large bull elephants roam the plains and we were lucky enough to see such a magnificent creature.  He walked slow but with purpose, his massive structure on a mission to reach the marsh.  The girth of his trunk enormous as he heaved his body along the dusty plain, trunk dragging along with him.  What a sight to behold.

The name Amboseli comes from the Maasai place-name, Empusel, meaning open plain, or salty dust.

The land is parched from the sun’s incredible heat, yet amazingly Amboseli is brimming with life.  The swamps at Amboseli National Park are fed by underground spring water, which comes directly from the melting glaciers of Mt Kilimanjaro (40 kms away) , for this reason life flourishes in the park.

Global warming is a real issue, for what if these spring fed marshes no longer existed??

Amboseli would become a desert, where would the masses of Elephants quench their insatiable thirst?  Where would the hippos wallow?  How would the cheetah find prey if there was no water to entice animals to exist here?


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