IMG_4413asepiaAfrica, a land of spirits, that occupy, the soil, the trees,  the water, the animals and the landscape.  The breath of life, that once you have inhaled its very existence, it will occupy your soul and never leave your heart.

Is it the sights the sounds? Is it being in the presence of some of the most amazing animals on Earth?

Africa hit me hard and now it inhabits my every thought.  I long to be among the wild places where life exists in a primeval time.   Where magnificent creatures roam the Savannahs.  Where all time stands still and nothing else on earth seems to matter.

I long to learn the knowledge of the animals I have encountered.  How are their families coping, have the young survived?  Questions that race through my mind, a longing and a yearning for Africa.

Africa was never simply a tick of the list of must see places, it was a planned and well researched endeavour to experience a range of different habitats and ecosystems, in various parts of Africa.  I am most certain that there are many more journeys to discover in Africa, for it is a constant yearning to return to a place that I have such a strong connection with.






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