Hiking and nature goes hand in hand.  The further you hike the more dramatic and isolated spaces you see. 

IMG_0590 blogLonger hikes often provide more wildlife moments and vistas with more grandeur.  Most people go to the tourist destinations, that involve a half our walk to see a vista, albeit some are spectacular, but usually you will need a decent day hike to see exquisite beauty.  For true wilderness beauty, overnight hiking does the trick.

There is nothing more satisfying, as you set out with backpack carrying your essential items, first aid, food, water, camera gear, extra layers of clothing.  Fresh air, exercise and chance encounters with all forms of flora and fauna, every walk is filled with wonder.  The satisfaction of reaching heights to give you more perspective of your surroundings.

Early hours – dew like droplets hang like ornaments on a tree, as a brisk morning awakens.  Intricate webs draped over branches and blades of grass reveal a night of strenuous creations made by an assortment of spinners creating some of the finest creations nature provides.  It is hardly possible to imagine spiders as beautiful (even I am terrified by the fluffy variety!!)  Nocturnal creatures are starting to disappear into the thickets, the sun is starting to awaken, warming extremities. Noses, toes and fingers gladly accept the warmth of an orange glow as it warms the land.  This is the time when subtle muted tones take on a harsher light.

Midday – the sun is high.  Temperatures can soar at this time.  Harsh images form in dramatic landscapes.  Different textures create ever changing pictures as the sun arcs in the sky.

Late afternoon –  as the sun begins to relax,  rock faces, escarpments and vistas change too.

May every sunrise hold more promise and every sunset hold more peace.

Sunset –   as the sun settles on the horizon cloud filled skies create a mosaic of exquisite colours and forms, considered to be the romantic part of the day.  It is not hard to see why.  Silhouettes appear and moments are captured in time.


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