Salty Dust

In summer, devil winds whip up along the open plains forming miniature tornado’s across the skyline.  Mt Kilimanjaro teases us with hazy glimpses of her majesty. We have come to Amboseli National Park to see the incredible elephants that live here, although it is a relatively small National Park, measuring 392kms, Amboseli is bone dry … More Salty Dust

The Gift of Life

Doris and Derek had been courting for some time, inseparable it would seem as they frequented our back yard, surveying every nook and cranny for a suitable crèche for the chance of a family. A handsome couple they would preen together, flap their wings as do all courting couples.  We watched on many occasions with … More The Gift of Life


Africa, a land of spirits, that occupy, the soil, the trees,  the water, the animals and the landscape.  The breath of life, that once you have inhaled its very existence, it will occupy your soul and never leave your heart. Is it the sights the sounds? Is it being in the presence of some of … More Safari


Hiking and nature goes hand in hand.  The further you hike the more dramatic and isolated spaces you see.  Longer hikes often provide more wildlife moments and vistas with more grandeur.  Most people go to the tourist destinations, that involve a half our walk to see a vista, albeit some are spectacular, but usually you will … More Hiking